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“Conferencing in The City” – Highlights and Sights From San Francisco

A few weeks ago, Benjamin and I had the opportunity to join our client in San Francisco for a credit union marketing conference. While the sessions were full of great content, noteworthy speakers and memorable takeaways, one of the best elements about our time there was exploring all the city has to offer. Once the conference ended each day, we would venture out to explore, taking in the sky-high buildings and vibrant streets. Here, I share some highlights of our time in The City by the Bay:

Uber – an absolute must and an experience in and of itself. We used Uber as our transportation to and from the airport and back to our hotel after a night out exploring, opting to not freeze in the 50-degree weather. We’re excited to learn Uber will soon be allowed to operate in Vegas!
**Side Note – San Francisco is COLD. I will admit that I was ill-prepared for just how cold it can be there during the end of May once the sun (if there is actually sun) goes down. Nicole was bundled up with an actual warm coat and gloves, while Benjamin and I relied on “layers” in true Vegas “fashion.” Mark Twain was spot on when he said:

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”
-Mark Twain

Facebook Campus: Touring the Facebook headquarters was a trip highlight. It was fascinating to walk the campus streets inside the building in Menlo Park where nearly 6,000 employees spend their time, operating the largest social platform and businesses under the Facebook umbrella, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and several other supporting companies. At the end of our tour, we of course had to stock up on Facebook-branded swag and memorabilia, including these wine glasses for Julia, our social media strategist.
Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf: We walked the wharf, taking in the massive container ships, Alcatraz Island and the beautiful scenery and sunset. We dined at Nick’s Lighthouse, an authentic seafood restaurant that has been there since 1934. Charming and cozy, we all opted for a bowl of crab chowder to warm us up after walking the brisk boardwalk. The seafood was delicious – it was the classic wharf experience!
Ghirardelli Square: After dinner at Nick’s, we made the short walk to Ghirardelli Square, which everyone knows is a must. Initially craving a hot chocolate (remember, we’re by the wharf, it’s nighttime and I’m wearing a measly light sweater), I immediately changed my mind when I saw the menu items full of ice cream flavors and toppings. I knew I had to get chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate fudge and nuts as the topping.

During our stay, it also happened to be the 78th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening to pedestrians. A fireworks display culminated the celebration of a landmark that has become so synonymous with San Francisco. Did you know the Golden Gate is the most photographed bridge in the world?
GG Fireworks

Have you had a similar experience in San Francisco? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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