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What’s Trending Now: How to Make Your Video Go Viral

Often times, we get asked by our clients to make their videos go viral. We explain that as marketers we cannot make a video go viral because most viral videos happen naturally. What we do is recommend prerequisites to increase the odds of virality – the video must contain shareable content, should contain humor and it should be short and last but not least, no plugs or brand endorsements. Viral videos must be authentic.

Case in point. This past weekend, the Shops in Downtown Summerlin had full on grand opening celebrations from fireworks to fashion shows, it was an all-weekend long celebration. Naturally, the local news was on site to report on the festivities. What happened in this local story from our friend and KLAS news reporter, Patranya Bhoolsuwan, was viral video success – from local Las Vegas, to CNN to Gawker, this has become a viral video sensation overnight.

Have you experienced a video of yours going viral? Tell us about it below!

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