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A Philanthropic Weekend

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How Twitter Has Given Me “Direction”

One may argue that a teenager spending too much time on the Internet is a bad thing, something my mother has definitely told me before. For the past year and a half, I have been spending countless hours online, researching and updating […]

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Holiday Greetings to one and all!

  Am I the only one who wonders if the recession we’re in is as deep as they say when I can’t even find a parking space out shopping?  I guess it’s the same difference between being busy and being effective.  In […]

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Everybody plays the fool, sometime.

Every April Fool’s Day, I wake up singing the song that The Main Ingredient (‘70’s) and Aaron Neville (‘90’s) recorded.  Who’s going to get me today?  Who am I going to get today?  Have you ever gotten really bad news on April […]

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Beautiful Smiles and The Scintas are a match made in Las Vegas!

  Last Monday evening, we celebrated the grand opening of Las Vegas Beautiful Smiles with a ribbon cutting and soiree complete with red carpet, champagne, hors d’ouvres and a special appearance from Las Vegas’ #1 entertainment family – The Scintas.  After the […]

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Q ad | pr Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the Luck (and heritage) of the Irish

Photo courtesy     Ever hear of Dunluce Castle on the northern coast of Ireland?  Me neither.  Come to find out that my ancestors, the MacQuillan Clan, resided there for hundreds of years in the 15th century.  Sounds green.   Now, […]

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