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3 Apps for a Year-Round Summer Celebration

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A Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat – 4 Steps

Snapchat is a new social media platform that has been taking over our lives and minds by way of our cell phones. As today’s shiny new toy, it works like texting but with disappearing photo and video messages. If you’re not a […]

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Quillin gone mobile

3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

In case you haven’t noticed yet, millennials are growing up and spending more money than ever. In fact, this group of 18-34 year olds currently has $200 billion of direct purchasing power according to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Tack on […]

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Healthcare Trends in a 2.0 World

Doctors are taking their patient relationships to the next level.  I come from the generation that utilized a family doctor and he provided comprehensive services.  If you haven’t noticed, healthcare has changed and let me tell you those days are long gone. […]

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Digital Billboards: They’re watching you!

I wasn’t a big fan when digital billboards first arrived on the media scene.  As a media buyer, I was skeptical about the clarity of lighting, sharing the board with other advertisers and concerned at the amount of traffic that was passing […]

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Can 300,000 people be wrong?

  Apple’s iPad quasi computer sold over 300,000 units on its first day of sales.  That’s more that the iPhone sold at its debut three years ago.  Combine that with over one million applications and 250,000 e-books already sold and I think […]

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