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Which Auto Insurance ad is your favorite?

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Fear Sells – Be scared!

Sex sells.  No mistake about that.  But, do you know that scaring the britches off you is a bigger sell?  Fear-based marketing is one of the largest and most successful forms of advertising.  I bet most of you have never thought about […]

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  It’s true, I’m an addict and I admit it! I’m so addicted to American Idol that when the new season starts I’m crazed with excitement and when it ends I get wimpy and depressed. I admit it!  I’m a proud American […]

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Fist Pumps! Riding The Jersey Shore Wave.

  I tried to ignore it…I tried to tune it out… but there is no denying the popularity of the hit MTV show The Jersey Shore.  I can’t get away from it!  I was at a UNLV basketball game this week (GO […]

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Branding: Bloopers, Blunders and the Bottom Line

It’s an advertising agency’s dream when a client’s brand image is so strong that it leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.  You know what I’m talking about…think about it…“Yo quiero Taco Bell” sound familiar?  To this day many consumers still miss […]

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Norelco Santa

Every year about this time, my cousin and I make a bet on when we’ll see the first Christmas-themed television ad.  It marks the beginning of the season for us.  From that point forward, the floodgates open for commercializing the holidays and […]

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Strut those fangs

When I was little my Mom used to watch a gothic soap opera called Dark Shadows.  It was a show of mystery, werewolves and vampires.  I was scared to death of this show and I used to hide when it came on.  […]

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It’s OK – I saw it on TV!

Hey there! Sharry here again, and, as promised, I haven’t run out of things to say!  I get a kick out of watching commercials that advertise a product and give you a 1-800 number to call.  We’ve all seen them….ShamWow, Snuggie, hand-held […]

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Avast Ye Readers!

      “Pirates” is a word that always conjures up vivid imagery.  Personally, I’ve associated it with other mostly fun and romantic words like swashbuckling, Caribbean, Captains’ Hook, Blackbeard and Sparrow.  Now, unfortunately, the world is confronted with another word to […]

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American Idol: Back to the Ponderosa?

    The #1 prime-time TV show from 1964-1967 was Bonanza.  It was a western drama centered on a father (Ben) and three rambunctious siblings (Adam, Hoss and Little Joe) living on the Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada.  American families (including mine) used […]

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